Friday, August 18, 2017

My Go To Floral Overall // Feat AL Bag

Outfit Detail:
Overall: Thrifted at Three Star Kyoto
T-shirt: No brand
 (you can wear with any white t-shirt)
Bag: AL
(a brand from Thailand)
Sandals: bought it at Vietnam Market
Sunglass: No brand 
(something similar with RayBan)
Earnings: Indian store in Kyoto
Watch: Casio
Olive Bracelet: Shodoshima Olive Park
Necklace: both from H&M

Basically, before I met this beautiful overall, 
I never thought it will suite me.
Because they're overalls and it will show my body line 
and blah blah....
But After I find this one, I'am so in love and can't stop wearing it.
It is classic pieces that I can wear it for years, 
and I am an outfit repeater anyways.
So please forgive me if I wear it in repeat hehe....
The floral pattern and the silhouette of this overalls is so perfect, 
I am not gonna lie it's make me look more taller and look good.

I think everyone need a perfect overall, 
I know it will take years to find it.
I do the same thing, in my 24 years life this is "the first time" 
I found the perfect one.
So don't give up to dig all the thrift shop or
 local shop near you, that my kind of tips.
I found it at my local thrift shop when I am not even think 
about overall.
So there is lots of chance to find the perfect one 
as long as you don't give up.

Also can we take a minute to talk about 
my beautiful/favorite AL bag.
I bought it in Thailand when I went to graduation trip last year.
already use it for more than a year and 
already repeat it in my blog for many times.
The leather not scratch at all still in a perfect condition 
as when I bought it a year ago.
I can use it with any kind of style, and 
make all the outfit look classy.
Supper recommended it is a little bit pricey tho, 
but I promise it's so worth it.
Even now I just still looking forward to get other colors 
from their collection.
I know they have new collection so if you love it,
 just check out their link bellow.
Facebook: AL (ALLURE)

Hope you enjoy 
leave a comment if you have any post idea,
that you want to see :)


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ethnic Grandma Dress // Self Love

 Could you believe it  that this dress actually my grandma's ?
She's the iconic/fashionable person I ever met.
She has lots of Ethnic dress/colorful/unique clothes 
that not really everyone cup of tea.
I think I learn from her & my mom, 
it's okay to being different from anyone else.
as long as you "Happy"with what you are now.
Don't really think about whatever everyone say or think.

I want to share one quote that I love.
Self love is the most important kind of love
So agree with this quote, that if you not happy with yourself
or your live, how even you will make other people happy or
share happiness , right.

I thank my grandma to remind me that.
And this dress remind me of her and I can't believe that
 me & my lil sister sharing all of her clothes now.

What I love about this dress that the pattern are really unique
and so ethnic to wear in the city.
And also the color really bright that made my heart also bright.
I thought this dress perfect for summer dress.

I had a post in my Instagram that I post it as bellow:
Clothes aren't going to change the world,
but the woman who wear them will.
Looking back thru my post, this word made me more confident 
to have a courage to do what I love.

I hope you all feel inspire to do what you love too.
I will leave the outfit detail on the end of the blog,
don't forget to check it out.

Outfit Detail:
Dress: Can't find it anymore
Bag: Dior (Vintage)
Tote bag: INOBUN
Sandals: Vietnam Market (Not available in Japan)

Have a nice day

Friday, August 11, 2017

First Yoga Experience // Terasu Kyoto Yoga Studio

Wanted to experience yoga for very long time,
 but not really do it until now.
after browsing along the yoga studio in Kyoto, 
I found yoga studio "Terasu"
that time I only saw the studio thru their website 
but already fall in love with 
nature beauty of the studio and the concept.
So I decided to book a try on class and see how it goes.
And Love it so much....the teacher was really nice and friendly,
actually I can say all the staff their was really friendly.
Also I fall in love with Yoga, 
since I was little I watch my mom doing it 
and eventually that made me inspire to do it too. 
I always feels my mom really inspiring in everything.
Highly recommended if you live around Kansai area 
or you have plan to visit Kyoto,
you should try it at "Terasu" studio in Kyoto.

The entrance"already feels the vibe"

Outfit Detail:
bottom: H&M

From my real experience and you can also see from picture above,
The studio made by wood floor & concrete ceiling 
already feel the nature vibe in it.
Also what I love about the studio there're lot of plan (green) 
that makes you more relax .

Outfit Detail:
Bottom: H&M

Also they're the ambassador of Reebok, 
so they have the cool stuff in their shop.
If you first time and you need some sport/yoga clothes 
you can just pop up to the studio 
and buy it directly on the spot too.

In the end we end it up had conversation 
with the cool owner of the studio.
I can tell that he is doing the cool thing.
Thank you Aki san for a nice conversation that really inspiring.

You can check the Terasu Kyoto Yoga Studio from bellow:
Facebook: terasuyoga
Instagram: terasuyoga
Website: Terasu Kyoto
✴︎Only 5~10min from Hanky Karasuma Sta.

This is my first yoga experience, how about yours...


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Afternoon in The City of Kyoto

Outfit Detail:

Top: Thrifted piace in Kanazawa
Skirt: Lily Brown
Bag: Lettice
Watch: Casio
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Earnings: No brands

I adore floral so much even in pattern or real floral.
Which make this outfit represent my feeling.
Walking around the city that I grew up with and ...
just enjoy the beautiful city view, the madness of the tourist, 
the traditional culture of the city and also the summer in this city.

PS: Don't be afraid to wear pattern with pattern!
       I promise it will make you more confident.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Family Trip Outfit // 2Nights 3Days Trip

We went to short family trip after a long time, 
I think last time we went to a trip when me & my sister still little....
Now we're more grown up so we can plan and 
decided together about everything.
This trip was pretty spontaneous, 
we're decided to go to Aichi & Mie area and enjoy the nature.
As we all love "Nature".

This time I thought why not to post my family trip outfit
 for "Summer Edition".
I only have 3 outfit here, 
but I love watch travel outfit in YouTube or Blog,
So I hope you all enjoy it too, as much as I enjoy make this post.


I know you might can not Imagine for this Day 1 outfit....
Since we didn't take "a nice outfit picture" for Day 1 ,
I put this pic to you to imagine a little bit and 
I also will explain it to you.

Basically this trip start in evening, so we went to station after work,
we're just pretty tired and since after we're arrived 
we will straight to the hotel and 
enjoy the rest of the evening at hotel.
I just thought I want something that chill, airy & comfortable.
So I decided to wear a colorful T-shirt & 
black shorts (same as Day 2 shorts) with sandals.
That's really it (Sometimes I need simple outfit ).

Outfit Detail:
T-shirt: Thrifted long time ago.
Shorts: Thrifted long time ago.
Sandals: Asbee (Same as Day 3)
Bag: AL (Same as Day 2)
Earnings: Random Indian Store in Kyoto.
Necklace: Lattice


The next day we went to our next destination, 
which near near the beautiful beach.
So I want something beach vibe but still comfortable 
doing beach things or explore the area.
This top is my recent favorite :)

Outfit Detail:
Top: Small Change in Kyoto.
Bottom: Thrifted long time ago.
Sandals: ROXY Bali
Bag: AL 
Earnings: H&M
Sunglass: No brand.


For last day I want something stylish yet comfortable.
I choose this maxi dress because they have button in front 
so I can undone so of them,
to make it more casual which I love.
Also I love the boho vibe in this dress.

Outfit Detail:
Dress: Small Change in Kyoto.
Earnings: H&M
Watch: Casio

Let me know what your go to travel outfit
in comment down bellow :)